Eva Longoria adds pole dancing to her list of talents

As well as acting and modelling, it seems that Eva Longoria is adding yet another string to her bow. She has been taking regular trips to the s Factor Gym in LA and taking lessons in pole dancing. Male fans will be disappointed to learn that this is not an area she is going to branch out in, but is in fact for a storyline her character, Gabrielle Solis, is to be involved in in the upcoming 8th season of ‘Desperate Housewives’.

A source has told HollywoodLife.com: that Eva has taken several one-on-one sessions at the gym in preparation for the storyline which sees her character both pole dance and take part in a striptease. The gum is run by Sheila Kelly and specializes in workouts that revolve around pole dancing, and Eva’s co-star Teri Hatcher is a longtime fan and works out there regularly.

36 year old Eva is actually no stranger to poles, and had told in interviews that her friend and former ‘Baywatch’ star Carmen Electra gave her one as a gift in 2009. She said that Carmen was selling some poles and gave her one as a gift and told her to have fun with it. Eva then laughingly explained that she set it up, tried to swing around it and ended up in a crumpled heap on the floor. The new series of DW returns in the US on September 25.