Facebook offering film streaming

Movies are now available through Warner Bros. on Facebook to rent and or buy and view. Using Facebook’s Credits, their onsite currency, users are require to pay for the movies this was all launched Tuesday in the US as a test phase. Films available are The Dark Knight, a Batman movie for $3 to rent and more titles in the coming months and as of now the service is only available to US users.

A major digital distribution channel has been added for Warner Bros. and Facebook gets enters the popular online streaming of TV shows and professional films and puts them in competition with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Apple.

Facebook’s already robust usage will be given a boost from their loyal users that can now watch full-length films. Facebook unique visitors grew 38% year to year according to a comScore report in December with over 150 million in the US with total time spent in the site rising by almost 80% to over 50 billion minutes.

Facebook has had previous experience with full-length video as in 2009 NBC, a US television network debuted a show “Community” on Facebook and an application for watching NBC shows was launched by Hulu.

Facebook Credits are used today in more than 400 games and applications giving users a safe and convenient to purchase digital and virtual goods on Facebook. Facebook has expressed that they are open to partners and developers that want to use Credits in different ways and are looking forward to what is developed, says a Facebook spokesperson via email after being asked about the Warner Bros. launch.