Fair Game, review

After a high profile session answering questions about weapons of mass destruction and the dodgy dossier, in front of a Foreign Affairs Select Committee in July of 2003, Dr. David Kelley a former UN weapons inspector died

CIA officer Valerie Plame on the other side of the pond was in the middle of a media storm as her own government had blown her cover, it seemed, in order to discredit her husband who had been critical of the President Bush and his administration.

The book The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies That Led To War and Betrayed My Wife’s CIA Indenity: A Diplomats Memoir chronicles her ordeal with that of her husband former ambassador Joseph Wilson and three years after she wrote Fair Game: My Life As a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House explaining her side of what happened.

Fair Game is a movie that depicts the events that lead up to war in Iraq the fallout of Valerie, her husband Joe and their family. The script provides a great concise timeline of what happened with the powers to be leading up to the possibility of war thus not trying to take a side despite the source material.

Naomi Watts and Sean Penn provide impassioned performances and deliver riveting  roles that lays bare the disappointment and rage that at a time when one needs the other most, it threatens to rip apart their marriage a price that they must pay because of what they did by lifting the veil of lies and secrecy. The movie is an excellent example of what people will do when things seem to be spiraling out of control.