Fast Five, so fast you can’t see the plot

Viewers won’t have much time to analyze the plot or the character traits of players in “Fast Five”, but that’s perfectly OK.  The action speaks a lot louder than words, though there are some memorable lines such as, “This just went from Mission Impossible to Mission Insanity.” and, “Above all else, we don’t ever, ever let them get into the cars”

Insanity or not, these guys pull it off.  In “Fast Five” most of the cast and crew of “The Fast and the Furious” returns for the fourth time since 2001, and they haven’t lost any momentum.  Justin Lin directs his third of the series with enough skill and good humor to prevent the film from turning into a smashed-up cliché, but there are definitely enough muscle cars and muscled bodies to satisfy the most hard-core of the genre.

In this installment Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, as Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor respectively are joined (and pursued) by Dwayne Johnson, the tough and tenacious federal agent Luke Hobbs.  The fast thinking, hard driving duo of Dom and Brian are in Rio de Janeiro with the ‘job’ of bringing down a ruthless and powerful drug lord, and they assemble a team of race-driving cohorts for the purpose.

The drug lord is out to kill them, the agent and his team are out to capture them, and the results are fast and furious action and more action.  The special effects are even more stunning that expected from this ensemble; even the most blasé will be breathless more than once during some of the scenes.