Film fans eagerly await the release of Iron Man 3

Pretty much everyone is getting ready for the release of Iron Man 3 because they want to see what is next in the Tony Stark franchise. This time around the film takes a drastic change to the way that the Tony Stark story was going and tosses caution to the wind.

The first major change is the fact that Shane Black is replacing John Favreau as the director. The second largest change is that Tony Stark actually does not spend that much time in his Iron Man suit, and remarkably that turns out to be a great move.

The basic plot revolves around Tony attempting to battle The Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley, but he quickly discoveries that he is outgunned. In the battle he also loses his mansion and no longer has access to his red and gold power suit. However, while you might miss the superhero in a suit, Robert Downey Jr. cleverly shows that there is a lot more to these films then just the suit.

Instead, he offers a grand performance that reminds people why they love Tony Stark. Of course, it has plenty of comic moments as well helping to move the film along as it progresses. One nice touch is the fact that the film also notes how the Avengers affected Tony leaving him paranoid and a bit damaged.

It’s not that easy to usually feel sorry for a billionaire that also happens to be a superhero, but between the great writing and the great portrayal by Downey, by the close of the film the entire audience both sympathizes and is rooting for Iron Man to make his comeback.