Films for Every Occasion – Halloween

All films seem to have a time when it’s perfect to get them off the shelf and watch them again. Whether it’s something like The Nightmare Before Christmas around the 25th of December, or a romantic comedy around Valentines Day, there’s always a perfect film for the occasion – and Halloween is certainly no different.

Horror movies aren’t for everyone with scary goings-on and so much bloodshed that you have to leave the room before you turn ill or spend the next few months checking under your bed. However, there is a whole Halloween-themed genre that gives people the chance to enjoy a good spooking, and having a laugh at the same time with some side-splitting comedy, with a full list over at to choose from.

Here are just a few of examples of great Halloween films for you to get your teeth into like a vampire:

Halloween (1978)

One of the very first Halloween-themed movies, it has been credited with starting the whole genre. A teenager is targeted by her masked brother wielding a knife on the spooky night, and while many feel it is a little dated due to the release of films like Scream, it’s a Halloween classic and has to be watched if you’re yet to do so.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Okay, your idea of a good Halloween movie might not involve anything with Disney branding, but Hocus Pocus is packed full of laughs. A group of teenagers bring back the Sanderson sister witches back to life in the modern era – with some interesting results – and the child stars are far from your usual bunch of Hollywood child actors, these kids are actually quite cool.

Casper (1995)

One of the classic films from the mid-90s and perfect for kids to get involved in too, Casper is a friendly ghost who takes some getting used to!

So whether you are out trick or treating on this all-hallows eve or ready to scare the creepers out of unsuspecting kids as they knock on the door, stick on a Halloween themed movie to get you in the mood.