Final Destination 5 review

Final Destination 5 follows in the footsteps of the previous films. One of the characters has a premonition about a terrible disaster where they and their friends are killed. Avoiding the catastrophe they are then hunted by death who gradually kills them off one by one. The movie is somewhat predictable, with the formula of a character thinking they have escaped only to be killed a moment later being run many times. The film would have more depth if the characters were something more than just clichés waiting to die.

The film is redeemed somewhat by the creative ways the characters are killed off. Somewhat worryingly, the writers of this series are still finding new and gruesome ways to murder people. The story, if you can call it that, is only there to string together the various kill scenes. The twist ending is mildly surprising but only because it is so stupid it would be impossible to guess it.

For many horror fans, if a franchise has a weak story, people will still go to see the latest movie if they still enjoy the gruesome kills. The problem with the Final Destination franchise is that it spends far too long focusing on a weak and predictable story. Many fans of the earlier films will just want to see the first person die.

For major Hollywood productions 3D can add a lot to a movie and many believe that the developments being seen in the format are going to be the future of film. Final Destination 5 is not a major Hollywood production; its low budget is clearly evidenced in the weak 3D. Viewers will probably find themselves wishing they could have gone for the 2D option; this however has not been released, so if you go to see this film, prepare for a headache.