Follow up to Potiche is well worth the wait

In the House is the follow-up to the Francois Ozon film Potiche that came out in 2011. It is once again another piece that has been adapated from the stage. This time around the adaptation is based on The Boy in the Last Row by Juan Mayorga.

Already In The House has picked up the top honours at the San Sebastian Film Festival and is a black comedy written about a teenage writer named Claude who is tutored by his French teacher, M. Germain.

Germain finds himself inspired by teaching the young boy’s talent and offers his new pupil a long series of assignments. Claude quickly gets to work on writing about how he managed to work his way into the home of another student so that he could get closer to the very attractive mother. The story lines of Claude’s stories start to get darker and darker as the film goes on and before too long the line between reality and fiction have started to blur.

Finally, the viewer and Germain become a part of the narrative and eventually what comes to pass. Orozon takes a close look at how much power the author is able to execute over the audience and just how easy it is to manipulate people at will.

The direction is very strict but at the same time Orzon does it casually so that viewers are caught off guard. Throughout the entire affair the audience is on another track and then suddenly Claude’s narrative starts to blend into the film and eventually the viewer feels like they have been taken for a different type of ride. The writing is very intelligent and the great cast that includes Ernst Urmhauer and Fabrice Luchini makes it worth seeing.