Francis Ford Coppola and his new horror indie titled Twixt

Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola appeared at the Comic-Con International festival for the first time in almost two decades to help promote his new horror indie titled ‘Twixt.’

Known for The Godfather saga and his latest hit ‘Apocalypse Now,’ Coppola has brought a small home movie to the 6,500 seat hall in a more backseat fashion as he shifted through the scenes on an iPad and asked lead Val Kilmer to stall as he worked out some minute snafus.

The film is described as a gothic romance story by Coppola as Kilmer becomes infatuated with the story told to him by a local sheriff (Bruce Dern) of a murdered girl who pops up in dreamlike sequences and turns out to be the beautiful Elle Fanning only in the story the ghost is named ‘V.’

According to Coppola, his dream is that movies would be less produced and instead fresh every time for different viewers telling a different story and making each experience unique. In order to meet this dream, he said that his presentation of the film to the audience was intended to be more like a dress rehearsal and that he could potentially head out on a tour with the film for a month so that every audience got a different version.

His presentation brought an entirely different feel to the fest given the fact that every other film introduction was glossy perfection presented in full glory while Coppola’s approach was much more true to the low budget feel of an indie film. In fact, as part of this shtick Coppola greeted audience members with cut out paper masks of Edgar Allen Poe that head 3D glasses built into the eyeholes.

This of course also led to a few 3D scenes being shown to the audience including Kilmer struggling to get over writer’s block, some shots of Fanning as a ghost, and a scene of vampires partying during the night with Poe’s ghost making a small cameo in the background. Also on hand was Dan Deacon, one of the film’s music composers who was on hand to play some of the actual score for the audience.