Frankenweenie from Tim Burton

Tim Burton has created another slightly off-colour puppet creation to stack next to The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride with his new creation Frankenweenie. As the name implies, the fairytale is about a boy that brings his dead dog back to life and is an elongated version of Burton’s 1984 short film.

Victor Frankenstein is the main character voiced by Charlie Tahan who is just a little boy that lives in a monochrome suburb. He is a science geek that is the only true love of his life. Sadly, one day the dog named Sparky runs right into the road and ends up getting ground into the asphalt.

Burton of course loves death, so it is no surprise that he cannot let dead dogs lay, and Victor cannot either. He decides to dig up the corpse of his dog and then bring it back to life by using some lightning and his own secret science formula.

Film buffs are going to love all of the great references that Burton manages to sneak into the film such as a moment where the black poodle is electrified and resembles something from The Bride of Frankenstein.

However, even young kids are going to enjoy the film because even if they do not get all of the jokes, they will love the plot line and the kid’s characters that re just goofy and weird enough to capture their attention.

A psychic classmate voiced by Catherine O’Hara is especially fun as she interacts with Victor and continually predicts that there is going to be doom, which of course comes as Victor’s classmates attempt to steal his secret formula. At heart, it’s a child’s film with just enough tossed in to make it interesting to everyone else as well.