Tim Burton’s new masterpiece seems to be a great horror comedy which will be evenly entertaining to both children and adults. The intelligent, funny, a bit scary and affectionate film may turn out to be one of the many fascinating productions of Tim Burton.

The story develops in a suburban area during the 1970’s. A young boy named Victor Frankenstein attempts to revive his dog, Sparky, using the power of an electrical storm. The experiment is a success, but soon Victor’s friends find his secret formula and use it to create all kinds of monsters who threaten the entire town of New Holland.

The film’s colours are a bit dark and you shouldn’t expect a bright atmosphere like the one in Madagascar 3. However, the dark colours fit perfectly with the film’s atmosphere and create spectacular visuals which can be best seen in 3D

Tim Burton has done a great job combining horror and comedy and while some of the characters may be a bit creepy, it is certain that you will find many parts of the film funny. Starting from the stitched-together body of Victor’s dog to the neighbourhood bully who looks like Quasimodo. One of the most interesting secondary characters in the film is Edward Scissorhands who keeps popping out in different situations.

The characters are voiced by Martin Shot, Catherine O’Hara, Winona Ryder and other popular actors. The film can’t boast with amazing graphics, but it features unique stop motion techniques which are the fascinating final touch to this masterpiece.

A source says that the company worked for nearly a week to create just 5 seconds of the highly anticipated film and the final result is different from anything you will have seen before and it is certainly worth your time and money going to see it.