Freddie to scare a new generation of teens

A group of teenagers from the suburbs who are pursued through their dreams by a maniacal Freddy Krueger, and a script written by Eric Heisserer the film Nightmare of Elm Street has all the components expected of an American horror film.

Set in modern times with a debut date of April 30th, Nightmare on Elm Street will supposedly begin where the last movie left off in the story of Freddy Krueger, with a modern day twist to the old eighties classic horror franchise.

The major difference though is that Rooney Mara will take over as Nacny Thompson, in place of Heather Langenkamp, and Jackie Earle Haley will take over as Freddy Kreuger, who is almost synonymous with Robert Englund.

Additional cast members include Kellan Lutz playing Dean, the high school jock, and Thomas Dekker, another jock from the swim team. Clancy Brown, Connie Britton, and Katie Cassidy will also have starring roles.

While fans may be disappointed that Robert Englund is not returning to the set of the new Freddy movie, the studio stated that this time around the producers were looking to cast Freddie with some new personality traits.

In fact, they want to portray Freddie as a new character against his previous stereotypes, the producers even considered choosing an unknown actor to take on his characters.

Producer Emmerich however, stated that Haley had a standout performance in the film Little Children that caused them to take another look at him. He went on to say that in Elm Street, the aim of the movie is to show that even though Freddie is full of unrestrained anger and violent rage, he is still just a bit vulnerable, which Haley captures perfectly.

Haley was also chosen for his relative similar statute to Englund, and has signed a contract for a total of three films, which should be great news to those who cannot get enough of the Freddie films. Mara has also been signed into a contract for two films, which means that one sequel at the very least can be expected in the future.