FrightFest of horror on its way

Fans of blood and gore and the screaming meemies will be thrilled with the line-up for this year’s FrightFest, to be held at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square on August bank holiday Thursday 26th through Monday 30th.  This year will see the return of the Discovery Screen in addition to the Main Screen choices, and there should be enough to thoroughly horrify the most avid genre enthusiasts.

To give you a few examples, on opening day Thursday the ‘feature’ film will be ‘Hatchet II’ (as opposed to ‘Hatchet I) but if you haven’t seen the first one it probably won’t matter.

On Friday you’ve got ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ and on Saturday ‘Cherry Tree Lane’ and ‘I Spit on your Grave’.  The latter is having its European premier, the original having been banned from the U.K. in the 1980’s.

If you remember, that was when the government passed legislation intended to protect youngsters from too much gore.  FrightFest fans have their own opinion of that decision, so it’s not necessary to comment here.

On Monday ‘The Last Exorcism’ is the jewel in the day’s crown, having the added attraction (to some) of being co-produced by Eli Roth of ‘Hostel’ and ‘Inglorious Bastards’ fame.  Other horrifying celebrities expected to attend FrightFest to share background information and other insider goodies are Tobe Hooper to introduce his remastered ‘Chain Saw’ and Andy Nyman hosting a horror quiz show.

A total of 36 films from fourteen countries will be presented over the FrightFest five days, with a record-setting eight British films in the main programme.