Gambit, set to be re-made by the Coen Brothers

As long as it took the Coen Brothers to look at adapting the 60’s True Grit film they were also looking at adapting a comical feature from the same time period that they believe can come to light in a new way.

After producing True Grit however it seems the time has come to bring the comedy onto the big screen which is why the duo is hard at work on Gambit, a 1966 crime caper that starred Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine.

While there have been many potential directors and cast members considered over the year while the film was still in planning stages including Sandra Bullock, Doug Liman, Jennifer Aniston, and Ben Kingsley the Coen Brothers seem to have picked top stars Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth to stay in the film.  Shooting is planned to start in London this spring during the month of May with Michael Hoffman taking on the role of director.

Today Diaz’s casting was made official although it is odd to think of her playing opposite the much more sleek and refined Firth but hopefully she will bring out the classic side of acting that we have seen in films such as ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and ‘The Holiday’ to make the film a bit more wholesome and rich then the likes of ‘What Happens in Vegas.’

In the update of Gambit, the Coen brothers have of course taken a few liberties with the plot changing the cat burglar into a London curator that plans on buying a fake Monet as part of a get rich quick scheme with Texas street roper Diaz posing as the granddaughter of the man who supposedly liberated the painting during WWII.