George Romero Survival of the dead trailer

Iconic horror movie director George Romero has released his official trailer for his new scary movie ‘Survival of the dead’ which stars Julian Richings, Devon Bostick, Athena Karkanis, Kathleen Munroe, Richard Fitzpatrick, Kenneth Welsh, and Alan Van Sprang.

The story is set in on Plum Island, just off the coast of Delaware; the idyllic location is beset by a power struggle between two families that has been going on for many generations.

On one side is Patrick O’Flynn the hardheaded patriarch of the O’Flynn family who deals with a play of zombies by shooting at everything that moves. Opposing him is Shamus Muldoon and the Muldoon clan who want to keep the zombies quarantined in order to hopefully one day find a cure to the problem.

On their side is the fact that they outnumber the O’Flynn’s who are required to force Patrick into exile on the mainland, while there he meets up with a group of ex-military men who follow their leader ‘Sarge’

O’Flynn persuades the soldiers to come with him when he returns to his zombie plague island. When they return they discover that the zombies have an even stronger grip on the tiny island community.

The movie will be available on XBOX Live, VoD as well as Playstation and on disc from Amazon by April 30, they will then see a theatre release one month later.