Girl With The Dragon Tattoo second movie on the way

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was a film with a $90 million budget, and after recently hitting cinemas it has failed to live up to expectations as it did not perform as well as thought at the box office. Despite the poor performance of the film it is expected that the sequel to the film will go ahead.

Before the film was released many people were hoping that it would be a good way for the cinema industry in the United States to end the year, but unfortunately it was financially unsuccessful. The film has failed to top box office records for the year although it has managed to pull in over $70 million from cinema tickets in the US and internationally.

The film stars Daniel Craig and despite its under performance Entertainment Weekly has recently been told by Sony that the sequel is going to go ahead. The article in Entertainment Weekly read, “The slower performance at the box office does not mean we are changing our minds about the development of the next film.”

In its opening week the film grossed around half of the expected amount. The critical reception of the film was also not as welcoming as was expected and many people felt that the weak reviews and poor box office performance would be enough for Sony to cancel the production of the next film.

The next script is being currently worked on by Stephen Zaillian and the two stars of the film have been signed on for the second production. It is unclear whether David Fincher wants to return as director but currently there is no one else signed onto the project.