Gnomeo and Juliet from Elton John

The best and the worst in entertainment can be found in Gnomeo and Juliet says Sir Elton John about his new movie. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is what inspired this movie. In the movie, Gnomeo and Juliet, two garden gnomes are caught up in a feud between neighbours and faces many problems because of that. It took 11 years for Elton and his partner David Frunish to bring this film to life on the big screen and they could not be happier.

Adding a funny visual affect to one of the world’s best stories ever written, John felt would be entertaining.

Without a doubt the most famous and by most the world’s best playwright, you cannot get better than Shakespeare, said John while speaking with Famecrawler. He feels the contrast between the gnomes, the lowest form of entertaining and their visual aspect against a backdrop of legendary playwright would make a great story.

An unnamed surrogate delivered Elton and David’s first child in California on Christmas day. He is named Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John.

The importance of tolerance and love has never been more important for John than when he recently became a father. He says he will raise his son respect and love and hope people will be encouraged by the movie to be more accepting of others.

Everyone can have their differences but there always needs to be talk. I need to pass on to my child that he has to respect others opinions, views and to never be hateful. Always be respectful even if you disagree. The world is full of hate and that can be conquered by love. Always be nice to one another and love those around you.