Gwyneth Paltrow gets star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Gwyneth Paltrow has a new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She says it’s overwhelming, but is happy that her “children’s children will see my success in the pavement on this walk someday in the future.”

The director of Paltrow’s newest movie, Country Strong, described her as “some strange creature born to act through different modes than others.” Paltrow will have a return cameo in the US musical TV show Glee. Feste confessed that the cast and crew for Country Strong were mesmerized by her performance.

“One moment you’re having an average conversation about the weather and the next she gives a delicate, beautiful, and striking performance, but wears the look as if she has just put her belt on.”

Paltrow, 38, won the Oscar in 1999 for Shakespeare in Love as best actress. Last month she appeared in Glee as Holly Holiday, a substitute teacher. She sang “Forget You” and a conglomerate of “Singin’ In the Rain” and “Umbrella”.  She said it won her more fans.

Paltrow relates how Glee has made her more famous among some than any film she has ever done. “I was working on the movie, Contagion, in Chicago recently, when some girls approached me in the lot next to my trailer. They were shouting ‘No way! She was on Glee!’.” She said they were in awe of her.

The next appearances of Gwenyth on Glee are not public knowledge yet, but you can catch Paltrow’s episodes of Glee on E4 in the UK after Christmas.