Halle Berry suffers head injury on set of new film

Following a minor injury to her head Halle Berry was rushed from her film set to hospital. Whilst shooting a fight scene for The Hive, her upcoming thriller, Oscar-winner Berry was taken to Cedars-Sinai, the famous medical centre in Los Angeles by ambulance following her injury late on Tuesday night. After being checked by the doctors the actor was released.

The mother-of-one’s representative is reported to have said that after the minor head injury Halle Berry was taken to the medical centre purely as a precaution, she was later released when they declared her healthy. Miss Berry, 45, will continue production of the film as planned, added the spokesperson.

In The Hive Miss Berry plays an emergency operator and Abigail Breslin plays a teenage girl who makes a call to Miss Berry’s character claiming she has been abducted and put in a car boot.