Hangover Part II more of the same

Hangover Part II actually seems as if it were scripted using the assistance of Mad Libs. By just choosing raunchier and slightly different details and then just inserting those to replace the original 2009 Hangover that became the all time highest grossing comedy R rated worldwide by grossing some $467 million.

Much success of the first one was the novelty, the unpredictability of the adventure and the sense that we were also walking in a bit of a daze. These guys clearly enjoyed themselves despite the increasing sense of panic and throbbing heads and they almost made us want to be a part of it.

Full of meticulous production design and clever details, the thrashed day after Las Vegas hotel room was an efficient and brilliant piece of storytelling when the crew of friends wakes up and survey the place while still suffering the foggy minds of the night before.

This time they find a capuchin monkey in their room and instead of loosing a tooth mild mannered Stu awakes with a facial tattoo. Shifting it to Thailand was well not the best thing to do but making the movie exactly the same was a combination of both arrogance and laziness on the part of the Director and co-writer Todd Phillips along with Scot Armstrong and Craig Mazin.

Bradley Cooper returns as the leader of the pack, arrogant Phil. Justin Bartha returned as Doug but did not amount to much. He was safe at the group’s hotel missing yet another good time by all. Ken Jeong’s character plays a bigger role as Mr. Chow the effeminate, obnoxious gangster. They are all in Thailand for Stu’s wedding to Lauren and he insists on a mild mannered bachelor party, not.