Harry Potter Pottermore site offers fans more Potter

The first million devoted Harry Potter fans have had a special preview of the new website ‘Pottermore’. Author JK Rowling has set up this site to try and satisfy the insatiable appetite that fans across the globe have for any details about the young wizard. These were selected from the global following of the movie series, and the site reveals who were the inspirations for Harry’s horrible relatives, how important different woods are for wands and why non-muggles use imperial measurements.

The first wave of fans were allowed access on Monday, and were able to read a portion of the 18,000 additional words that the author has written to complement the seven novels. The site will be open to all from October. Among the explanations and insights which are on offer through written messages and videos, there is an apology to the people who live in the town of Dursley, the name she gave to Harry’s aunt and uncle.

She said that she had never visited Dursley herself, and she expects that it is full of lovely people. She explained that she simply liked the name and thought it would make a good surname. She goes onto explain that she never knew until recently where the name Petunia had come from, until she saw an old animated public information film from the 1970’s where the wife had the name Petunia.