High School review

High School is another of those American teen comedy films that we all know so well, in the same genre as American Pie or, from much earlier, Animal House. This time though the obsession of the kids is not so much about sex, in fact not at all about sex, it is about drugs.

The plot, basically is about a group of kids who drug their entire high school. There are all the usual characters that you find in these films, the straight guy, the stupid one, the leader of the pack – you get the picture. This time, as well, there is the vengeful drug dealer, out for revenge after he has been ripped off by the kids.

The drug dealer is played by Oscar winner Adrien Brody and you might think to yourself what is he doing in a film such as this? Well, he plays the part to perfection, as a dreadlocked, burnt out dealer called Psycho Ed, complete with goatie beard, red eyes and a twitch. It is very funny to see.

Yes, the film is played for cheap laughs but then all these films are and it is quite amusing. The pack leader, or Morgan High School’s ‘Pope of Dope’, is played by Sean Marquette His character’s name is Travis Breaux and his sidekicks, of course, address him as ‘Yo Breaux’, so obviously funny.

He has his sidekicks to ably assist him and rules the roost at Morgan High. You think he may have bitten off more than he can chew when he rips off Psycho Ed but of course this is not the case. The plot thickens and if you want to know the outcome you will just have to go and see it for yourself. It is worth a laugh or two.