Hilary Swank Conviction trailer review

“Conviction” is the latest film out starring Hilary Swank.  Swank plays a real life role as the sister of a convicted killer convinced of her brother’s innocence.  She is so convinced that her beliefs change the course of her own life, as well as her brother’s.

Swank read the movie’s script by Pamela Gray and signed on, not only for the lead role, but to become executive producer as well.  She seems perfectly fit for playing the role as Betty Anne Waters, who was a single mother and high school drop out propelled to excellence through tragedy.  She and her brother are raised apart from one another as the years see them trucked from foster home to foster home.

The film opens with the two as grown adults and Betty’s brother Kenny, played by actor Sam Rockwell, is accused of murdering a waitress.  In the course of an investigation he is exonerated, only to be charged two years later on the word of an ex-girlfriend and sentenced to life without parole.

Betty so believes in her brother that she is spurred to finish her education and go on to law school, eventually fighting for his innocence in court.  Her work involves the very start of the DNA defence and the opening days of the work of advocate Barry Scheck, who is played by Peter Gallagher.

Also acting in the film are Melissa Leo who plays Kenny’s dubious arresting officer and Minnie Driver, who adds a bit of comedy to a serious theme in her role as a friend and colleague to Betty.