Hitler comment cost Megan Fox her Transformers job

Twenty five year old Megan Fox the American actress was dumped from the newest Transformers film after she compared Michael Bay, the director, to Adolf Hitler. Steven Speilberg the producer was so upset by her comments he demanded she be fired at once from the movie.

She was then replaced by young Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely the British model although at the time the casting change was never talked about. But just ahead of the July 4th launch of the Transformers 3 the reason has been revealed as to why Fox departed.

Bay said that when Spielberg found out he just said to fire her right away. She had appeared in the first and second Transformers films and gave an interview to Wonderland, the British magazine before the third film started production.

She answered one question by referring to Bay being like Hitler. The interview prompted crew members to react angrily who posted a letter on Michael Bay’s website. The lead actress in the movie Shia Labeouf tried to explain Fox’s departure saying Fox started to talk sh*t about their captain and that cannot be done.