Hollywood ends its reluctance to work with Chinese film companies

For a long time Hollywood film producers have been reluctant to work with companies in China but this seems to have ended. Disney recently announced that they are going to be creating Iron Man 3 through a partnership with a film studio in China. For many years the Chinese government has set a cap on the number of foreign films that could be released in the country and until recently that limit was set at 20.

However, the limit has recently been expanded to over 30 films and this has encouraged Hollywood film studios to start increasing the number of films they want to distribute in China.

Until the recent change, the Chinese government stated that foreign film studios should only be able to capture around 15 percent of the ticket sales in China. After the change it is expected that this number is going to increase to around 25 percent of the market. This move by the government is going to affect many people, from filmgoers in China, to Hollywood studios.

The business relationship between Hollywood and China has been complicated and is made even more so by the fact that Chinese people have a great affection for some Hollywood films. The Chinese government however doesn’t feel the same way and they have for a long time restricted the entry of many films. Disney films are usually welcomed in China and they find it generally easier to get films shown in the country. That said, even some of their films are stopped at the border.

It is expected that the reason the Chinese government prevent foreign films from entering the country is because they are afraid of their cultural influence. They also want to protect the market in China so that foreign filmmakers are at a disadvantage to native people.