Horror icons find their way into ice creams

It is certainly nothing new that products are being made based on Hollywood films and one of the latest innovations is something that is being called ice screams. These are a type of ice cream lolly that have been based on characters from 1980s horror films. The ice creams are available in such forms as Chucky and Freddy Krueger. The ice creams have a delicious taste but they are in the disgusting form of these horror films favourites.

Another ice cream sees the hockey mask that is worn by the famous psychopath Jason Voorhees, the lead character from the slasher series of films Friday the 13th. There are interesting flavours of ice lollies available as well as traditional flavours including tomato red pepper flavour.

These ice creams have not yet come to market and are currently in the development stage but it is widely expected that they are going to soon be coming onto the market. They have been designed by an advertising agency in Russia and the lead on the project is Victoria Mamikonova who has stated, “These have been great to create and we have been consulting with a sculptor in order to make the ice lollies just right.”