Hugh Jackman confirmed to star in new X-men film

Bryan Singer, director of the next X-men film, confirmed one month ago that Hugh Jackman will be back in the latest instalment. The title seems to give a hint to the fact that time travel might play a part in the storyline, and Mr. Jackman has said that that is so, the film is to be titled X Men: Days Of Future Past.

Jackman also told the Daily Mail that the film is going to have a more expansive cast and be as action-packed as ever. He said that there wouldn’t be enough room to list all the cast members on a single sheet of paper, and he wasn’t talking about no-name actors. If someone has played a superhero before, it’s likely they’ll have a part in this film.

The director Bryan Singer will begin filming in April of this year. In November of 2012, he tweeted that Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy will be members of the cast.

In response, Patrick Stewart said he knows nothing of the current project despite the Twitter announcement, yet he stated he hopes that changes in the near future. It is currently unknown if he was trying to cover for a Singer gaff or if he has yet to be signed to the project.