In Time review

Andrew Niccol, is the screenwriter from New Zealand who is is very capable of painting a dystopian picture of life in the 21st-century. The first movie he wrote was Gattaca, which starred Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and painted a grim picture of a future dominated by those who are genetically superior. He then went on to create The Truman Show, for which he won an Oscar.

His latest movie, In Time, tells the story of a world where money no longer exists and everyone pays for goods in time. Genetic engineering has been mastered so that once people reach 25 years old they stop ageing and then they have one more year to live, unless you earn more time from working, inheriting, or just stealing.

This means that the wealthy in the society can live for ever, while the poor have to constantly work just to survive another day. The movie follows Justin Timberlake’s character, Will Salas, who has a chance encounter with a suicidal rich man who gives him over a century of time. With access to the more exclusive parts of society Salas sees how the wealthy manipulate the system for their own personal gain and vows to destroy the system.

The concept of the movie is excellent and is well executed but there are some flaws in the logic of the plot but these are well covered by some powerful action sequences. Justin Timberlake does an excellent job in the lead and his role as hero is very convincing. Unfortunately the main female lead, played by Amanda Seyfried is not utilised enough.

The main villains in the movie are rather two-dimensional and uninteresting but the man who they hire to hunt Salas is convincing and brings a good amount of character depth to the movie, this role of timekeeper is played by Cillian Murphy.

In Time will captivate the audience’s attention throughout and there are no moments when the audience are bored. When the film reaches its conclusion you might be left thinking it’s rather improbable. However, the movie has been well constructed and viewers certainly won’t feel as if they have wasted their time.