Inception review, trailer

The producers and marketing team behind Inception have done a wonderful job at keeping the film the secret of the year in the film industry.  However, now it is time to see what all the secrecy was about, and the simple answer is that it was actually a solid film and the perfect genre thriller.  However, there is not a huge bang, instead just the fact that the plot and action shots are not all spelled out exactly for audiences before they hit the theatre.

The main plot centres on Leonardo DiCaprio who plays a character that uses the dreams of his enemies in order to figure out their next moves which is pretty much the epitome of keeping your enemies close by.  Chris Nolan does a wonderful job at developing the dream logic throughout the film which normally may be difficult to follow but he clearly lays it out enough that you can keep with the plot without feeling as if it is getting spelled out to you.

In fact, after the first hour of the movie passes you feel as if you are in the dream as well which is most likely what Nolan was aiming to do.  However, the flashbacks are a bit too traditional for Nolan, but even though they are a bit awkward the plot is still thick enough.  Even better, at the end of the film you still have some questions that are not answered, which is of course the trademark of a great Nolan film.