Jackie Chan announces his retirement from action films

Jackie Chan has recently made the announcement at the Cannes Film Festival that he is no longer going to be appearing in action film. The film star has said that he feels that he is now too old for appearing in such violent films as he is close to 60.

He recently commented, “I have been pushing my body to the limit with my films for my entire career and this has made me very tired. Chinese Zodiac is the last action film that I’m going to be starring in, at least as a lead role, I’m just not as young as I used to be.”

Jackie Chan has been talking about retirement for a few years, but often when people think he is about to retire he goes and does another film. However, this time it seems as if he really means it and he has been quite vocal about his intention to give up for ever.

He did however highlight that he is not ending his acting career entirely and is interested in appearing in serious roles in the future. He continued, “Over the last decade I’ve been branching out into film that aren’t just action, and I want to continue making these for many more years. I don’t want to be portrayed as just an action star any more, I want to lose that image and become known as a more serious actor.”

Mr Chan became famous for not using a stunt double and doing everything himself. People have commented about his physical fitness, “He is a superman, he does stunts that most actors would never consider, in fact, he does stunts some stuntmen won’t even consider. When you see Jackie Chan onstage doing a stunt, you know it is real, not some green screened CGI effect.”

Jackie Chan got started in films by being a stuntman in Bruce Lee’s early films but did not start in Hollywood until the 1990s. He is probably most famous for his performances in Shanghai Noon and Rush Hour. In more recent years he has been involved in the remake of The Karate Kid and doing a voice over in Kung Fu Panda.