Heir to Jacques d'Azur shows Cannes how to have a good time

In London they play host to the usually rain sodden BAFTAS that manage to attract some of the, usually British, co-stars from the big movies of the year.

Of course the Oscars are a huge event with the ceremony watched by 1 billion people around the world, and attended by every major Hollywood star and those whose agents which they were stars.

But for the real glitz and glamour and excitement mixed with a genuine competition, as well as a chance for the movie elite to do real business and promote next year’s hit movies there is only one destination.

Cannes is the place to be seen if you want to be taken seriously in filmmaking. All of the big producers, directors, and stars gather on the French Riviera in May each year in order to let the world know that they are still alive, and making films that the public will be excited to see.

The other truth about Cannes is that it is where not just Hollywood’s, but the world’s movie elite gather to party. Of course you cannot have a party without a host, these days the studios and individual movies throw lavish over the top events intended to catch the public’s eye, rather than just allowing participants to have a good time.

This was the skill of many previous party hosts that used to set the town alight during the festival. People like Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter O’Toole and of course legendary French film producer, actor and director, Jacques d’Azur.

Since his strange disappearance earlier this year he has been considered legally deceased. Due to the long association with Jacques, Stella Artois 4% took on the task of finding the rightful heir to Jacques Cannes party heritage.

And just which few short weeks ago they accomplished that task, and whisked the lucky sole away to the Film Festival to enjoy this sort of lavish lifestyle that Jacques was well accustomed to.

No gaudy outrageously stretched limos for Jacques heir, a classic Citroen saloon once owned by the man himself was far more in keeping with the true elegance required for the occasion.

Partying with the crème de la crème of the movie business was also a requirement dutifully undertaken, as well as having to run the gauntlet of the world’s paparazzi who just had to have a shot for tomorrow’s morning papers.

Watch the video and take a quick peek into the life of the lucky heir to the party-throne of Jacques d’Azur, courtesy of Stella Artois 4%