Jagger Bowie movie on the way

Sir Mick Jagger and his pal David Bowie have been working on a film script for 15 years, according to ‘inside sources’, and according to those same sources Mick is now ready to lay it out there.   Supposedly it’s going to be a comedic take on the shenanigans of rock-n-rollers in the 1960’s, from the really inside insider’s POV.

The reports also say that Jagger is looking for top-billed comic stars to join the crew, and he will almost certainly show up in the film, at least in a cameo or two.  Mick’s comedy appearances on U.S. television have always gone over well, but he’s said to be miffed that he’s not asked for more camera time in the U.K.

Mick set up his own production company, Jagged Films, in 1995 and he has produced several movies including the WW11 drama Enigma.  Another inside source says that Mick has been keeping an eye on stars like Ringo Starr and Sir Elton John who have done send-ups that got a lot of attention, and it’s fairly certain that his will too.