Jason Segal in charge of new Muppets film

Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up were two very successful movies that involved Jason Segel. These two movies were so successful that he was propelled to a great status within the film making world.

Disney even invited him to look into creating a film for them and he decided to create a modern version of the Muppets.

The film that Segel has made is receiving excellent reviews and many people have described it as extremely funny as well as being smart and having a very positive, feelgood factor . The film features many of the original characters as well as Amy Adams.

The budget was set at $45 million but it has already made around three times this figure at the box office in revenues. The music was created by Bret McKenzie and it was so well done that has been nominated for an Oscar. The review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes, has recently declared that the Muppets is the most well reviewed film made in 2011.

The question many people are asking themselves is how can film movie remain so funny and fresh despite all the time that has passed since the Muppets stopped airing. Many people are surprised that this film, which does not utilise CGI, could still be successful in a world where technology has radically altered the way films are made.

Segel had a strong belief that the appeal of the Muppets is timeless and he is apparently not the only one who thinks so with such prominent comics being involved such as Sarah Silverman and Jack Black.

The Muppets were originally created in the 1970s in the UK and the programme tried to expand to the US but it was rejected by the major television networks. Jim Henson was the creator of the show and you can see from the episodes that it takes much more from British humour at the time than it does from American. You can see how it was influenced by the comedy revolution that was occurring at the time with such prominent shows as Monty Python.

The director of the film is James Bobin who has commented, “You can really see when you watch the original Muppets how the show had a British influence. When you look at American humour at the time it was very different and very far away from the kind of humour seen in Monty Python.”

Bobbin continued stating, “When Henson wrote the original TV show he was not writing down to children but instead was writing up to the adults who might be viewing. One of the reasons children enjoyed it so much was because there was an element they didn’t understand, such as when the characters broke the fourth wall.”

The movie has already attracted some political criticism in the United States after a commentator on the Fox network said that the movie promotes a left-wing agenda. About this

Mr Bobbin commented, “In the original TV series a rich oil magnate is also the bad guy but the original TV show was certainly never said to be promoting a socialist agenda. This is not a political film and it was never a political TV show. The fact that some people want to say there is some sort of political agenda is rather sad and is not what I want the movie to be about.”