Jason Statham aims to show off his 'acting' talent in latest film

Jason Statham is known for playing a tough action figure in almost all of his Hollywood blockbusters, but is hoping that his latest film “Hummingbird” will help to show that he is capable of emotional acting as well. This is somewhat ironic given the fact that “Hummingbird” is still an action thriller that is full of violence.

Statham, aged 45, walked down the red carpet on Monday in London’s Leicester Square for the world premier of the film that leaves him portraying an ex-soldier that lives on the London streets. In the film Statham plays Joey Jones who is in charge of being an enforcer for the Chinese underworld, but his real focus is getting vengeance for a friend that was murdered in a separate film.

He finds an empty apartment and moves into it for three months during which he forms a relationship with a nun portrayed by Agata Buzek and becomes somewhat of an avenging angel. A relationship and a passionate side are both unfamiliar roles for Statham as he is best known for The Transporter series and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Statham stated that he likes taking on roles that challenge him and emotional roles are an area that he has not yet tapped into. He explained that it is not that he does not enjoy what he has already been ip to, but it is always a great idea to push yourself in a different direction and this is one direction that he has been hoping to head.

Statham also said that if a romantic comedy came along that he liked the plot of he would consider doing it as well. For the time being he was happy to spend some time in London since a portion of the film was shot in the capital’s heart.