Jason Statham, Blitz

Blitz is a new UK cop thriller that stars Jason Statham, Paddy Considine and Aidan Gillen. Gillen plays Wake Wood, the titular baddie who is better known as Blitz. He’s a skinny and skanky serial killer who seems hell-bent on killing every copper he comes into contact with. Statham and Considine are the cops who have the unenviable task of tracking him down and putting an end to his fun.

Statham plays DS Tom Brant, a typical alpha male who ignores the smoking ban, drinks like a fish, is sexist, bigoted and is more interested in breaking heads than learning how to use his PC. Brant is top dog in his station, and rules it with the growling, intimidating swagger we associate with Statham’s characters. Aiden Gillen is the complete opposite, very restrained but clearly barking mad.

The subtle way in which Gillen portrays this psychopath is one of the highlights of the film. He brings a vicious and dangerous edge to film, and he is determined to bring Brant down off the pedestal he has put himself on. Brant is return is determined to prove that he in the invincible super-cop he thinks he is, and this makes for some decent edge of seat action between the two.

The main problem with Blitz is that it seems to think it is the great film that it should have been. It’s far from terrible but Statham in particular has not nearly enough action in comparison with the growling. This isn’t a bad effort, and no doubt many will thoroughly enjoy it, but you really get the feeling that they have missed a great opportunity here to be something very special.