Jason Statham’s Blitz review

Every now and then Jason Statham remembers he’s British and stars in a film where he doesn’t have explosives attached to his body or is having sex in front of race fans at a horse track, but not very often.  He likes to make movies full of action that are also British like ‘The Bank Job’, the classy Roger Donaldson 2008 heist thriller and now ‘Blitz’ an okay but not remarkable drama about cops that premieres this week on Blu-Ray courtesy of Millennium and Lionsgate.

‘Hot Fuzz’, made in 2007 by Edgar Wright, was a British action comedy with cops as the central figure. This was in response to all the American trends with police stories where the protagonists are all violent, thugs themselves whose renegade behaviour never falls within the lines of proper police conduct.

The humour was produced by seeing just how ridiculous some of the clichés are in life and particularly in Britain, Bobbies do not even carry guns.. Elliot Lester Blitz’s direction seems to have something similar in mind bringing across the pond those -You are a damn loose Cannon – type of clichés, but does so with no hint of irony or humour.

He is quite successful with what he has directed as the film would work well on both sides of the Atlantic with only a minor change or two. Nevertheless the film does not get focused enough to be up to par with the most popular and best of the genre like Dirty Harry or Serpico.

Statham’s role is Tom Brant, a Detective Sergeant who is in hot water for beating with a hurling stick an innocent gang of Hooligans after they had attempted to steal a vehicle. But the brutality comes back at him when a killer that goes by the name of Blitz, short for Blitzkrieg, starts blowing away Brant’s fellow personnel.

Brant teams up with a homosexual officer portrayed by Paddy Considine, the acclaimed actor of In America and Hot Fuzz of all things, to find the killer and bring him to justice, his justice.