Jennifer Lopez the latest Hispanic star to sign up for Chilean miner film

Jennifer Lopez is the latest actor with Hispanic descent evident in her features to sign up to appear in The 33, a film about the Chilean miners that were trapped for 69 days underground. She is joined by Martin Sheen, Antonio Banderas, and Rodrigo Santaro thus far. It is not known what role Lopez will take on as the miners were all male. Her last appearance on the big screen was in Parker, the action thriller with Jason Statham.

Banderas has been cast in the role of Mario Sepulveda who was known worldwide as the host of video journals that the miners sent to the surface. The journals were so playful and fun that soon he was referred to as Super Mario.

Sheen on the other hand will play the father of a trapped miner and Santoro will play the second in command down in the mining hole, Florencio Avalos. Avalos was the first miner that was freed because of his young age and his relatively good health compared to the other trapped miners.

The 33 will tell the tale of the miners escape and how they spent their time while trapped. It was written with exclusive co-operation and help from the men that were actually involved in the mining incident. The film will be directed by Patricia Riggen and the screen play was written by Jose Rivera and Mikko Alanne. It is hoped that the screenplay will be shot in Chile this autumn.

The rescue of the miners was led by an international task force in Chile and was viewed on television by over a billion people. The miners were trapped about a half a mile underground following a collapse.