Joanna Lumley reveals Ab-Fab film plans at M&S Schwop

Two good things came out of one at the Marks & Spencer’s pop-up Shwop. Not only can customers now Shwop out their clothing to go green, but Joanna Lumley who was in attendance also announced that a film version of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ is absolutely in the works.

Lumley just won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Television Awards but she is not quite ready to quit yet. According to the star there have been talks about it for awhile now and Jennifer Saunders is busy writing the script for the film. She added it may turn into a musical, but whichever way it goes fans can count on something new soon.

Last summer Absolutely Fabulous fans got the chance to reminiscence when the duo created two specials that aired specifically to celebrate the London Olympics. For the last few years rumours about a potential film have been circulating, but this is the first time that anything official about the film has been confirmed.

Lumley was on hand at Marks & Spencer to help promote their new Shwop initiative that encourages shoppers to drop off their old and worn clothing items so that they can be re-used. Clothes that are beyond repair will see their threads broke down and recycled whereas clothing items that are in reasonable shape will be donated to charities.

While fans are busy waiting for the film to come out, they might want to check out the Shwop initiative that Lumley is the face of. They also might want to check out her auction which includes over fifty accessories and clothing items that are directly from the set of Absolutely Fabulous. All the proceeds from the auction will go to The Prince’s Trust.