Johnny Depp at the GQ awards

With his cosy abode in France and his intensely private personal life, nobody can call A-lister Johnny Depp an attention seeker. The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise attended the GQ awards on Tuesday, but kept his distance from the throng of XYZ-listers in attendance and insisted on having a private room to himself for the full duration of the ceremony. Sat is a leather chair with an expensive bottle of vintage red, he watched the awards on TV.

A source told the British Sun newspaper that Johnny is a notoriously private person and just wanted to watch the ceremony in peace and quiet. He had his comfy chair and his wine and was perfectly happy to watch it all unfold on TV and take it all in. In all honesty, why would someone of Depp’s calibre want to be stuck in the middle of crowd of drunken desperados?

Depp did drag himself from his chair briefly however, to give an award to Keith Richards. The Rolling Stone won the Writer of the Year award and as Depp is said to have based the Jack Sparrow character on his friend Richards, it’s led to a debate as to this being the only reason he actually attended.