Jude Law fails to deliver yet again

Jude Law simply does not have the ability to come off as a real person when on the big screen, and his new film proves this point. In Side Effects, Law plays a psychiatrist and he just comes off too much like an actor for most of the film. Supposedly, Side Effects is the last film to be produced by Steven Soderbergh and sees Law paired up with Catherine Zeta-Jones who is also cast as a psychiatrist that is not all that believable.

The film begins patients and doctors talking about different anti-depressants that all have made-up names that sound close enough to the real names. Obviously, Soderbergh is attempting to toss a dark light on how much power the pharmaceutical company has in the US, and this film is the perfect example of it.

Rooney Mara plays Emily Taylor who stabs her husband Martin while she is taking an anti-depressant drug that has many different side effects such as sleepwalking. This sets up what turns out to be a captivating drama even if the characters are not completely believable.

Throughout the film the question comes up of whose fault it is. Should the wife be blamed for what she did or should the psychiatrist be blamed for prescribing the drug to the women in the first place.

Slowly Law starts to see his career unfold along with his marriage and you have to start to question if the grieving widow is really all that she is pretending to be. In fact, she might not be so vulnerable at all begging the question of what has really happened here. All of these things tie together to create a film worth watching until the end, so stick with it.