Justin Bieber 3D concert movie

It was only a matter of time before teen star Justin Bieber tried his hand at the film industry, but news that a 3D concert film is being created caught many people off guard since most people assumed his first foray into film would be a typical teen romance or comedy movie. Paramount Pictures however had other plans for the young star banking on the success of movies such as ‘8 mile’ and ‘Jonas Bros: 3D.’ What is more interesting is that the director of the 3D biopic was rumoured to be Davis Guggenheim the Oscar winning director of ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ However, three days after the rumours emerged he dropped out of the film in order to work on his Sundance film promotion, ‘Waiting for Superman,’ instead. Paramount is searching for a new director at the moment but they need to proceed carefully given that Bieber only has one top ten hit and despite the fact that he has received a massive amount of YouTube hits, it is not likely that the pre-teen crowd will be forking out top dollar to see his film in the movie theatres. They also should keep in mind that the Jonas Bros film tanked in the box office only taking in a total of about $19 million. While he is hot at the moment, Bieber simply may not have the staying power to warrant such a large endeavour.