Keanu Reeves returns as Neo

Actor, Keanu Reeves has told the press there will be a fourth and fifth sequel to The Matrix. Marry and Andy Wachowski, motivated to overturn the action movie genre, are creating the next installments, most likely in 3D.

Reeves, who plays Neo in the Matrix, a science fiction drama, indicated that the creators, Larry and Andy Wachowski, are likely to film the next two sequels in 3D, and that they are consulting with James Cameron, maker of Avatar.

The two Wachowskis admitted that they want to put out a revolutionary action movie, something never seen before, like they did with the first Matrix movie.

After the main speech by Keanu Reeves at the London School of Performing Arts, an Ain’t That Cool reporter said, “The scripts are completed for the two movies and Reeves will return as Neo to the Matrix.”

“Keanu confirmed that the Wachowskis have already talked with Cameron regarding the use of 3D and how to present a never-seen-before action movie in the next two Matrix installments. He felt like he still owed his fans more Matrix movies and promises that this will be like the first own, in that it will be the kind of a movie that no one has ever seen before.”

Before there is any further discussion regarding the next Matrix movies, the Wachowskis are dedicated to completing their newet project “Cloud Atlas”.