'Kick-Ass’ more to it than meets the eye

Matthew Vaughn’s superhero black comedy show aptly called ‘Kick-Ass’ is a jaw dropping, crazy but funny take on the quasi porn world that is present in the comic book world.  Except in Vaughn’s film, there is very little ‘quasi’ as he takes almost everything to the fullest scale.

Vaughn worked alongside screenwriter Jane Goldman to create a new comic book series film from authors John Romita Jr. and Mark Miller that combines a little bit of Spider-Man, Kill Bill, and Ghostbusters all in one.  The result is an anarchist, irresponsible film that is a mix of fear, adolescent fantasies, and a screen full of bright colour.

‘Kick-Ass’ might even have a political viewpoint hidden under its colorful language and tone, as it says something about the way that civilians can judge criminals, bullying teenagers and the ones they affect, and about the new world created by an internet community in which just about anyone can become a celebrity.

At the centre of the film is a comic book obsessed teenager from New York named Dave Lizewski who is played by Aaron Johnson.
Lizewski is obsessed with the fact that there has never been a real life superhero and thus decides to purchase his own suit and mask and takes to the streets of New York under his superhero name ‘Kick-Ass.’

Of course, in his first attempt out he is almost killed leading to plenty of hilarities that follow in including a rumor that he is gay which leaves him ironically much more popular in school.