Kristen Stewart on kissing her Twilight co-stars

Kristen Stewart, star of Twilight, spoke out on how it is to go from enjoying kissing co-stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson to freaking out.
At the moment, Stewart who is age twenty is dating Pattinson but she still awkwardly kissed him during the presentation of their award for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards in June.
At the same time, she also offered a kiss to Lautner who was in New Moon last year already setting the tone for the third move in the series, Eclipse, where a love triangle will blow up between both male’s characters.
Given the fact that millions of teenagers are jealous of her good fortune, Stewart spoke out about how it feels to kiss two of the world’s most desirable hunks.
Stewart said that it depends how you are thinking when you approach the kiss, given that she goes back and forth thinking that it is weird to thinking about the fact that it’s a job to thinking she is into the moment.
She continued to say that as an actor, it is ideal to be able to lose yourself to the character, but with over 100 people watching and someone ready to scream ‘Cut’ it is a very odd feeling that makes you wonder what you are doing.
Although Stewart will not admit that she is dating Pattison, it’s quite telling that she only acknowledges that it is odd to kiss Lautner, which she says is weird because its him and because of the story line.
Regardless of how she feels about the kissing scenes however, her fans love it with her kiss being just one of the five awards that the film won at the MTV Movie Awards.