Latest Pedro Almodovar film is a massive flop

Pedro Almodovar is known as one of the best European film makers, but this time around he really flops with his 19th feature ironically titled ‘I’m So Excited’ which most audiences will not be anymore by the time it ends. The film itself attempts to be a pansexual farce mixed with a scathing satirical review of social nature. Generally this is where he would excel, but this time he falls flat, choosing cheesy lines and obvious jokes over clever innuendo.

The film takes place on a passenger jet that has left Spain and is supposed to be on its way to Mexico City. However, it is soon revealed that the plane is stuck circling in the air above the Iberian Peninsula because of a problem in the landing girl. Every type of citizen is represented in the plane’s business class from the graying actor to the crooked investment banker to the high society call girl. It is clear that good and bad are supposed to be all on board.

Cabin stewards that are looking for some fun decide to spike the drinks of those on board with mescaline and soon after things start to get real interesting. On the other side of the plane over in economy most of the people are dozing away simply waiting for the plane to eventually reach its final destination.

It’s obvious that Almodovar is attempting to point out the social and financial crisis that are occurring in Spain, but it really just turns out to be a bit much. The antics are over the top and by the end of the film most people are just going to be excited that it’s ended.