Lets make a Barbie movie

It had to happen, come to think of it why hasn’t Hollywood come up with the idea before? Lets make a Barbie movie! I mean how can it fail? Millions of former female Barbie owners combined with potentially millions of new male fans of her disproportionate body.

The plastic icon has been around for 50 years, she has seen endless changes of costume and countless jobs, but has been faithful to just one boyfriend. It seems obvious that her natural home could be nowhere else but California, and Hollywood

Barbie or Barbara Millicent Roberts has taken her tiny hand and signed up with Universal which will add even more cash to her already enormous plastic piggy bank. There will be not just one but according to Universal, but “several” live action movies based on the petite blonde bombshell.

Toy company giant Mattel who owns the pint sized blondie has also signed over rights to “Masters of the Universe” and He-Man, but he is cheating on Barbie and has smashed his signature on a contract with Sony giving male doll fans a chance to see their icon on the big screen.

This all seems part of Hollywood’s present obsession with mass- market “safe” franchise blockbusters that can churn out multiple sequels and already have a strong following.

Mattel has franchised Barbie before but only for a multitude of video release cartoons, even though they have been approached for a feature length movie on several occasions.

Mattel says that Barbie’s image has developed, especially with the latest generation into more of a celebrity image, rather than a straightforward toy.

Although don’t hold your breath for the premiere, according to Universal, well known and respected producer Laurence Mark will take some years to get Barbie onto the big screen

The story possibilities are presumably endless as over half a century Barbie has had well over 100 jobs from waitress to beauty queen. Ken will also be hanging around hoping for some plastic action with the never aging big-chested blonde.

Of course the big question will be who? Who can take on such a momentous, intellectually challenging, and desirable role? Names are already flying around including starlets Blake Lively and Hayden Panetierre and even really old people like Heather Graham and Anna Faris have been mentioned