Lindsay Lohan may escape three month rehab

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is due to find out today if she will be released early from rehab or be forced to spend the next two months in the court ordered program.

The court hearing in Beverly Hills supposedly has been ordered given reports from her treating doctors that they do not believe she actually has psychiatric or drug problems as previously diagnosed.

Lohan already has had the luck to get out of her solitary jail cell Paris Hilton style after only 13 days as part of an agreement to enter a 90 day rehab program in Los Angeles.  She was serving the sentence for violating terms of her probation related to a cocaine possession and DUI charge in 2007.

Two weeks ago the prosecutor in her case stated that it is likely that she will recommended for early release with outpatient treatment after determining that she does not have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder despite the fact that she has been medicated for it over the last few years.

Other rumors state that she also does not suffer to bipolar disorder.

Rehab is familiar territory for Lohan as she has already been to rehab three times since 2007