'Lore' is the second feature from Cate Shortland

Somersault was the debut production by Cate Shortland and first premiered during the Cannes Film Festival back in 2004. It starred the relatively new actor, Abbie Cornish, as well as Sam Worthington, before he became a superstar through the production Avatar.

Lore is the second production that has been created by Shortland and it has been based on a book by Rachel Seiffer called The Dark Room. The film is set in Germany during the 1940s as the war draws to a close. It follows the lives of five children whose parents have been arrested for being Nazis.

The children go on a journey across the country to find their grandmother and during this time they come across some of the horrors that their parents have been in some way responsible for.

Along the journey, the group of children come across a young Jewish man who is clearly still very afraid of what is happening in Germany. The children have always been told that the Jews were the enemy but in order to survive the journey, they must trust him. There was some footage of the film recently screened in Berlin, and Music Box have purchased the US rights to distribute the film.