Lost Kubrick script to become a movie

After Stanley Kubrick the film legend died in 1999, many screenplays, ideas, and manuscripts were left behind that generated a significant amount of creative ideas, not unlike the buzz that existed around his movies while he was still alive.

Now, one of the treatments that was left behind by the director, and thought lost, is ready to be made into a film for the big screen with big ticket stars Sam Rockwell and Scarlett Johansson leading the bill.

The film is titled Lunatic at Large and is based around a story written with the aid of Jim Thompson the pulp crime fiction writer, who also aided Kubrick with the story of Paths of Glory and The Killing.

Kubrick originally planned to shoot the film back in 60’s but after Kirk Douglas asked him to direct Spartacus he shelved it.

The plot of Lunatic at Large is set in New York during the 50’s and centers around two main characters, one of whom is an ex fair worker with anger issues and one who is a nervous mess picked up from the tavern scene.

The movie challenges viewers to figure out who is the axe-murderer who escaped from an insane asylum from a wide range of possible characters.

The shelved treatment was discovered by Kubrick’s son-in law, Philip Hobbs, when he was going through the late film-makers files and notes.

Hobbs said he knew the script as soon as he saw it because he remembered Kubrick talking about it stating that he wished he could figure out what had happened to it.