Lovely Molly is pretty lovely

On the surface, the character of Molly Reynolds seems like the typical American girl. She comes from a small town and is not very well educated, and she seems to live a completely unremarkable life with her husband who drives a truck for a living. Her life seems completely average but that is only on the surface, below it, she is involved in a dark world.

Reynolds came from an abusive family and she had a drug problem that she developed to dull the pain of this situation. Now she is clean but she has recently moved back into her childhood home and is having to deal with the demons that she finds there. These demons might just be more real than she thought however.

Eduardo Sanchez is known for being the director of the Blair Witch Project and this new film, ‘Lovely Molly’ is arguable the finest film of his career. It is a great study into a woman who is mentally falling apart as she deals with memories of her past and her abusive father. Sanchez does an incredible job of portraying this and presents it in a truly shocking way to the audience. He shows how Molly slowly becomes more out of control and eventually becomes a danger to those around her.

Gretchen Lodge plays the role of Molly and does an exceptional job, she brings a great power and fearlessness to the role. She perfectly portrays how Molly psychologically breaks down and it is very believable. Lodge is not the only member of the cast to put on a great show and Johnny Lewis plays a convincing husband to Molly. The actors do well because they have an excellent script to work with and due credit must be made to Sanchez for writing such an excellent film.